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    So, why is this site here?

    To provide you with factual information (of which you may be totally unaware), about a series of changes made progressively to the beliefs of the LDS church since its inception in April 1830, through ongoing substantial changes to the actual text of publications it claims are irrefutable Holy Scripture.

    We have only used attested original LDS documents, provided by God-fearing LDS folk, and then compared that original content with more recent official LDS documents that should be essentially similar.

    This is done without laying any blame on anybody, without attempting to discredit anyone's beliefs at all, and certainly in a spirit of brotherly love.

    We have NOT used ANY anti-Mormon material whatsoever... merely official LDS source material.

    The fact that there can be seen to be many additions and some subtractions (from what were at the time claimed to be complete revelations) should cause some concern.

    The fact that those changes are passed off by the hierarchy of the LDS Church as "minor punctuation and spelling changes" does not add up when you examine the few sample changes we illustrate on this website.

    Some of these differences are known to a small number of Latter-Day Saints who see no problem. This is absolutely fine, because that shows that indeed some LDS do agree that the changes were made.

    It is our belief, though, that all Latter-Day Saints should be aware of these denied changes.

    Each Latter-Day Saint should be able to decide for himself or herself how to deal with the discovery of this flat denial of demonstrable factual changes, and whether or not that knowledge should have any effect upon their faith in Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God, and the organisation which he founded as continuing the tradition that he established.

    You see, if the LDS Church tells its members to check out such claims against its archives, then that is just what its members ought to do, isn't it? These changes can be spotted in comparing earlier "official" documents with recent versions of what are claimed to be the same documents. You do not need to go outside of LDS publications for that.

    Surprisingly one hears that the existence of this evidence is denied by the LDS Church's headquarters, Stake, Mission and District Presidents, Bishops and Branch Presidents.

    Many of those individuals would actually be unaware of this evidence.

    Please understand that by reading the content of this website, if you are a Latter-Day Saint, you are likely to be shunned by your brothers and sisters. Such is the the rule within this body of people proclaiming the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have experienced that shunning myself. It worried me at the beginning, but it does not any longer, because Jesus Himself said "The truth shall set ye free"

    In conclusion, I would like to mention that there is also material on this website which is designed to explain in considerable detail some of the LDS beliefs, and how they differ from Biblical Christianity.

    The entry page to that section has a warning near the top, so that those who might take offence may back out without going any further.

    That is not an apology for the material being presented. It is a gracious warning extended in brotherly love so as not to cause distress to those who do not wish to hear what in courts of law is called "The truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth"

    You may wish to listen to a number of teaching audio tracks derived from cassette tapes made in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Please click here and the page will open in a new window or tab. There is also a button on the Links page.


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